—  17 Nov. 1971  –  8 Feb. 2023  —

Aaron plays Nana & Asturiana

Aaron plays Nana & Asturiana

I downloaded the video of the event this morning and was shocked to see that Zoom had had the audacity to edit my violin playing out of it.

The event at St Ethelburga’s yesterday was wonderful, but it turns out that Zoom has a bunch of weird settings by default and one of those is that it filters out “background music”.

It’s the first time in my musical life that anybody had the audacity to call what I do “BACKGROUND MUSIC”. How very dare they!

This is a bit rough and ready but it was the best I could do today.

Here is a link to the Memorial and the transcript which includes tributes from Margaret Patrikeos and me, and all of the short story extracts.

I hope you enjoy it.


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