—  17 Nov. 1971  –  8 Feb. 2023  —

Wayne, What Happened, Parts 1-6

These are a series of videos that I recorded to explain what happened to Wayne. They are a little upsetting at times, but do give you the complete picture.

4 thoughts on “Wayne, What Happened, Parts 1-6”

  • Aaron, thank you for your bravery. I have no idea to what depths you mined to be able to replay those difficult moments for us. I of course cried for our dear friend Wayne, but I also cried to hear your heart break. Sending you warm hugs from Galway across the world. Please know that you are loved. 🌼🌷

  • Aaron, I’m in awe of your courage in revisiting what was, as you said, a time of torture for you – and your generosity in choosing to share this for the benefit of your and Wayne’s family and friends. What also struck me was that just as these were moments of crisis and pain, they were also moments of love. You clearly did everything you possibly could, and the abiding image I took away was of you reading to Wayne at his bedside, having chosen something that you knew he would have enjoyed. I know you abhor grandiosity as much as you do acronyms, so forgive me: but in a very real way, in that moment your love for each other had already transcended death. Please add my warm hugs from Wicklow to Marguerite’s from Galway, and take care.

  • Thank you so much, Aaron, for sharing your painful journey.
    It is so devastating, so surreal. I truly adored Wayne. He stood out as an individual who cared about others. Wayne was not only an excellent writer, editor, and coach with a sharp insight into character and plot. He was an incredible human being, a friend of the best kind. He made me feel he had my back and believed in me, and I am far from alone in this feeling, as that was just who he was. That was his character.
    You and Wayne share the same good character — and I don’t think there are any among us who will ever forget how generously you opened your home, cooked those excellent meals, and made everyone feel like family. May all your generosity come back to you now in these challenging months to come, and may you find a little comfort in the love from all of us whose lives you enriched.

  • Thankyou so much for this. It must have been hard to do, but the telling of what happened must have helped as well. Like everyone else, though, the tears fell when yours did.
    I’ll never forget Wayne’s patience, his calm, his humour, intelligence and of course, his generous belief in his writers. It’s hard to comprehend a world without him. Life is so damn fragile.

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